Proprietary Tools

We have remote diagnostic tools for IBM, EMC and STK equipment. Tools enable us to be Predictive and Proactive; not reactive!

Providing quality alternatives since 1992

We are changing the way our clients manage contracts for IT hardware maintenance. Our solution allows you to centralize, organize, measure and monitor all enterprise IT assets, service contracts and vendors.

CaBO is a hub for all maintenance activities. We specialize in creating the best hybrid maintenance strategy for our customers by combining our software with support offerings from traditional OEM and third- party vendors. CaBO’s approach provides the most balanced, flexible, innovative and cost effective maintenance alternative to traditional OEM-only support. Our hybrid strategy will save you over 50% on your annualized maintenance spend while offering  extremely  flexible  terms  and  customized structure.  CaBO gives you a single portal for all maintenance activities at a quality and price that was previously unattainable.

We provide software and supplier management services for your mobile devices with a focus on cost reduction with other needs met at the same time for security, Bring your own device (BYOD),mobile device management (MDM) and more. 

Our offering is modular so you can still implement a solution from others as we our a complimentary provider and not an all or nothing vendor

We utilize proprietary analytics not only at the start of the agreement and anniversary dates but every month. Our savings can start within 30 days of contract start date which is faster than the rest of the industry. No long implementation or integration plans. Our start up project teams make it easy for even the busiest clients to start saving money now!

 Whether you trying to optimize your contract and budgeting process for IT contracts, seeking a hardware or hardware maintenance solution, or looking to implement the first money saving module of your mobility strategy,  it comes down to not just quality and price, but something many would argue is more important: Integrity!

Will you get what you  were expecting? Will the vendor really fulfill all promises including timeliness, such as  Service Levels? After all, anyone can make promises but you need a vendor that actually delivers day in and day out..

Since 1992, we have been doing just that. It's the only way a company like ours competes and wins against the biggest players in the I/T industry!  




​​Let's face it. The job of managing the infrastuture is harder than ever. Cost reductions, operational optimization, internal competition from external cloud solutions are just a few of the challenges. We are here to help make your job easier.


Featured Offerings

We  are presently featuring our IBM offerings as IBM's EOSL dates are pending for 3584's, 7740's, 3494's and more! We will extend the use of these assets for years to come at a fraction of the price you paid IBM!

Bundled Packages

Many clients like the advantages of buying new equipment since only one vendor is involved. We replicate those type offerings but at price and value points that meet your requirements


​​​iT  support 

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